• motherboard for i9 9900k

    What is a Motherboard? The motherboard is also referred to as mainboard, MB, Mobo, black plane board, predominant circuit board, system board, logic board, or baseboard, and it is one of the main circuit boards in the computer. It is the biggest piece of silicon that is located in the computer chassis, this blog is ...
  • one plus 8 pro review

    With so many top-ranking phone making companies in this world, working hard to the top level of their game, taking these smartphones to the incredible heights, the competition for each entry is getting fiercer day by day. That sort of intense competition happened in T3 awards 2020. Where Apple broke out with iPhone 11 Pro, ...
  • best wifi router 2020

    The increased demand for Wi-Fi connectivity in every aspect of life requires the best wireless routers to introduce your homes or offices. In this era of smartphones, smart TVs, and other latest-technology electrical appliances fitting in our homes, the wireless routers have become the backbone of your digital world, which connects your smart devices to ...
  • Best gaming mouse

    Do you think that it would be worth using a $5 mouse coupled to a $2,000 gaming computer? It doesn’t make any sense to do that. The best gaming mouse is a key to unlock the full potential and hidden features of your gaming PCs. You are just sitting, having all the power of your ...
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