Best Motherboards for Ryzen 7 2700X in 2022

Best Motherboards for Ryzen 7 2700X in 2022

A Guide on Best Motherboards For Ryzen 7 2700x

Some people were ready to make the mistake of neglecting AMD’s processors because of Intel’s new era of processors. The AMD Ryzen 7 2700x provides almost identical gaming performance to its Intel competitor 8700k at a relatively lower price.

The 2700x is a powerful processor that offers eight cores and sixteen threads greater than its Intel counterparts, thus providing a better price-to-performance ratio. The processor is built on 12nm architecture and supported by an optimized precision boost.

It also delivers exceptional performance in single-core and multi-core applications. With sufficient overclocking ability, the processor provides a smooth experience with the CPU.

So, what else can be your thought process aside from ideal execution if you look for the best motherboards for Ryzen 7 2700x?

Selecting a motherboard can be a strenuous process as there are multiple options available in the market. Compatibility is a vital factor while choosing the correct motherboard for your build. You can make a start by selecting a motherboard with an AM4 socket to support the Ryzen 7 2700X. 

Keeping many determinants in mind, we have prepared a comprehensive list of some of the best motherboards for the Ryzen 7 2700x processor. Ryzen 7 2700x is a unique motherboard with qualities like stock coolers, more powerful Cores, and a cheaper value than Intel’s processors. To further optimize its efficiency, we must choose a compatible motherboard.

In this article, I will cover eight motherboards that meet the majority needs of the user. These motherboards are best in their particular categories.

So, without any further delay, let us start with our first motherboard, and make sure to stick till the end as who knows where you would find the desired requirements you need in a motherboard for your PC build.

Our Recommendations on Best Motherboards For Ryzen 7 2700x

1- ASUS ROG Strix B350-F Gaming

ROG Strix B350-F Gaming is leading the legacy of the Pro Gaming series by offering a series of advanced ROG components. Specifically designed for gamers to experience unrivaled gaming performance and, with excellent audio and great aesthetics, users can experience in-depth gaming with style.

The motherboard supports the latest AMD processors and is compatible with the Ryzen 7 2700X processor. ROG developers innovated the gaming industry through their unparalleled motherboards, taking performance to a new level to give ROG gamers an edge against competitors.

Now is the time to join hands with one of the best motherboards for Ryzen 7 2700X and command your game with some juicy headshots in games like Call of Duty. The board supports ATX form factor PC builds and, memory support is 64GB DDR4 driving memory frequencies up to 3200MHz and beyond when overclocked. For storage, the motherboard offers 6 SATA 3 connectors and one M.2 socket.

For gaming connectivity, the board supplies 8 USB back I/O connectors (2 USB 2.0, 4 USB 3.1 Gen 1, and 2 USB 3.1 Gen 2 connectors), PCIe 2.0 x16 slot, two PCIe 3.0 x16 slots, and a single PCIe 2.0 x1, and built-in LAN technology. Fan 4 Xpert technology ensures that every fan achieves stable cooling performance with low noise.

This motherboard has a strong VRM and consists of a robust heatsink, permitting fine overclocking. For aesthetics, the mobo has built-in Aura sync RGB application to adjust RGB lights according to your own choice. The ASUS ROG STRIX B350-F motherboard is an ideal pick for users.

Users were impressed by features like simple-to-use BIOS design, excellent Wi-Fi connectivity, One-click system-wide overclocking, and a unique Overwolf overlay for multitasking. It is a phenomenal motherboard, but if you want to use higher overclocking, then go for our next AMD motherboard in the list.

Pros and Cons

  • Pre-loaded Wi-Fi.
  • Good Overclocking.
  • Multiple options for ports.
  • Robust VRM and great efficacy.
  • High-priced.

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The MSI B450 GAMING PRO CARBON AC is a motherboard worthy of being introduced in the list ofbest mid-ranged motherboards for Ryzen 7 2700x. This motherboard has some good quality gaming elements to bring to the table, usually found on costly models.

The powerful B450 chipset motherboard’s principle center was a further developed gaming rig, but it marginally floats away from the customary MSI Gaming red and dark plans. Unlike other mid-range models, MSIs B450 offers overclocking abilities, which is why this model comes with an 8+2 power phase design known as the core boost and an extended heatsink for efficient cooling and best overclocking performance.

This ATX motherboard has some bright features which keep you one step ahead in gaming competitions. Cool the system the way you want with fully controlled 6x fan headers and a Water-cooling system to ensure thermal throttling will not cause any hindrance. There are two M.2 slots, offering M.2 shield thermal enhancement for M.2 devices and good cooling over a coverless NVME drive.

This board has a wide range of connectivity options, USB 2.0 Type-A, USB 3.1 Gen 1 Type-A and, Type-C connectors for faster data speeds up to 10Gb/s. The board features two PCI Express x16 slots, one is PCI Express 3.0 gen, and the other is PCI Express 2.0 gen, moreover, there are three PCI 2.0 x1 slots.

The PCI-E Steel Armor provides extra durability by protecting graphic cards from bending. If we talk about aesthetics, this mobo has a handsome black design, and MSI Mystic Light utility allows you to change the whole look of your system with one click. The contemporary style I/O panel makes the motherboard thoroughly competent.

The PRO CARBON AC stands out because it offers tweaking options and excellent built-in MSI software. The B450 chipset comes in just below a price tag of US$130. Hence, this is an attractive package for a perfect overclocking performance, excellent sound experience, and lag-free gaming.

Pros and Cons

  • Good value for the price.
  • Sleek black look and style.
  • Insufficient options for storage interface.
  • Power-crazy in Idle.

3- ASUS ROG Strix B450-F

Asus is a platform well known for its innovative and well-engineered products.  ASUS ROG Strix B450-F is a ROG series line-up motherboard that delivers unparalleled performance under heavy workloads.

The board supports 6+2 power stages and has DDR4 3200Mhz assistance for good overclocking. The board braces two 10Gbps USB 3.1 Gen2 ports, two USB 3.1 Gen1 ports, and four 6Gbps SATA ports for faster data speeds.

The AMD B450 chipset shows compatibility with the most up-to-date AMD AM4-socket Ryzen™ processors like the Ryzen 7 2700x. The board utilizes Fan Xpert 4 technology and DC fan cooling profiles to improve performance levels during high temperatures.

ROG Strix motherboards give thorough commands over fans and across-the-board (AIO) coolers. The 5-way-optimization ensures automated tunning of the system with AI overclocking. By having such comprehensive cooling abilities, faster memory, and an excellent power delivery system, the motherboard is enhancing the performance of the Ryzen 7 2700x processor.

The B450-F Gaming motherboard has Debug LEDs that protect you from troubleshooting issues and an integrated I/O to give the motherboard an appealing look. This motherboard has all the features needed for a top-tier gaming motherboard and will work excellently in delivering top-level gaming performances.

Pros and Cons

  • Easy to Overclock.
  • Debug LED panel.
  • Great Looks and styles.
  • Built-in Wi-Fi.
  • Power consumption is a bit higher.

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4- ASUS ROG Crosshair VI Extreme

The ASUS ROG Crosshair VI Extreme based on an X370 chipset costs double the price of the Strix Gaming motherboard. Nevertheless, the board performs exceptional overclocking with an excellent set of features, which justifies the price.

The Crosshair VI Extreme is an ATX form factor motherboard with a 24-pin power connector positioned horizontally. This board is absent with a component known as nary still the 12 phase VRM arrangement with 60A IR power stages, and the outperforming M.2 PCH heatsink enables overclocking at its level best.

Crosshair IV Extreme features excellent connectivity, as it supports 10Gbps USB 3.1 Type-A and Type-C, six USB 3.0, and four USB 2.0 connectors. Built-in Wi-Fi, Gigabit LAN Ethernet, and the ROG-exclusive Supreme S1220 sound drive can assist in experiencing the smoothest in-game encounter.

Moreover, there are buttons for BIOS flashback and Clear CMOS. For expansion, the motherboard features PCIe 3.0 x16 and PCIe 2.0 x16 slots.  There are Two-way SLI support and three M.2 slots in the board’s overlay.

The motherboard has beefed-up components with a similar design to Crosshair VI Hero. Experience reduced boot times and increased stability under substantial overclocking with the ASUS PRO CLOCK TECHNOLOGY. You can customize and cast a multi-color light across your whole build with AUS exclusive AURA Sync RGB lighting and two extra RGB headers, and one addressable header.

With DDR4 memory support, this motherboard unleashes memory-overclocking potential beyond 3200Mhz. Superb Overclocking potential is one of the board’s solid selling points, and it has a lot of features to offer to the X370 stage.  I would recommend this board as it would be an excellent addition for anyone who wants a workhorse for productivity and streaming games.

Pros and Cons

  • Multiple Connectivity options.
  • Appealing looks and design.
  • Excellent overclocking.
  • BIOS is a little outdated.

5- MSI X370 Pro Carbon

MSI Gaming Pro Carbon equipped with an X370 chipset is a high-performance motherboard compatible with your Ryzen 7 2700X processor and boosts CPU performance to the maximum.

This eye-striking motherboard features mixed RGB LEDs personalized through the MSI’s Mystic Light RGB feature to add aesthetic looks to the classy-looking board. The MSI carbon pro utilizes military-grade components and sets itself apart from other motherboards with a robust VRM design.

The ATX form factor board features: 3x CrossFire and 2x SLI support, 4 x USB 3.1, 1 x USB 3.1 Type-A, 1 x USB 3.1 Type-C, 2 x USB 2 connectivity, 6 x SATA 3 ports for extra connectivity, and 2x M.2 for high SSD speeds. The memory support is up to 64GB of 3200+ MHz RAM with higher overclocking support without compromising stability.

This mobo Outperformed in 3D Mark gaming tests, making it a perfect choice for gamers. Now you can smooth gaming experience with super overclocking potential. MSI X370 Pro Carbon is a high-end motherboard with Hi-Fi Audio Boost4 technology.

It is good to buy but for users seeking a high-end Ryzen experience at an affordable price. The mobo offers extraordinary connectivity and delivers many other top of the line features for excellent performance.

Pros and Cons

  • Top-notch audio technology.
  • Steel components.
  • MSI Mystic Lighting configuration.
  • Efficient performance.
  • Beautifully designed.
  • Lacks BIOS Flash Button.


Gigabyte delivers products with outstanding performance at a reasonable price. GIGABYTE B450 AORUS PRO Wi-Fi is one of the best motherboards for 2nd Gen AMD Ryzen™ CPUs. The B450 series motherboard. The B450 chipset is on par with the powerful X470 chipset performance-wise.

The B450 AROUS PRO motherboard has features to offer you a sweet spot in both value and performance. Because of built-in RGB lights, the motherboard is good-looking in aesthetics, and the overall design of the motherboard is eye-catching.

The motherboard incorporates the 12+1 power stage design, three consolidated M.2 heatsinks, and a beefy VRM cooling structure to prevent thermal throttling. The board has an integrated I/O to give the motherboard an appealing look.

The board comes with USB 3.1 Gen 1 and two USB 2.0 ports, 4 SATA3 slots,1 x PCIe Gen3 x16, 1 x PCIe Gen3 x4 and x2 connectivity options. Some other features this board offer include 64GB RAM reaching maximum overclocking speeds over 3600MHz, built-in 802.11ac 2×2 Wi-Fi for a smooth gaming experience, Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity, and Realtek ALC1220-VB AMP-UP audio sound.

This motherboard is unquestionably one of the Best Motherboards for the Ryzen 7 2700x. This motherboard offers great performance and Ultra Durable features under a price tag of $130.  

Pros and Cons

  • Software is uncomplicated.
  • Comes with built-in Wi-Fi.
  • Built-in RGB lighting.
  • Efficacy in performance.
  • Aesthetically appealing.
  • Overclocking is limited.

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7- ASRock AB350M Pro4

Coming this far, I will now introduce you to the overwhelming motherboard of ASROCK that will stun users with its countless features regardless of its small size. So, stay with us!  Observing the ASRock AB350M Pro4 Motherboard, A micro ATX motherboard loaded with the most compelling features and excellent performance.

This board is compatible with all Ryzen 7 2700x and all other Ryzen processors with AM4 sockets. This micro board doesn’t compromise on the features it offers. It consists of 4 DDR4 DIMM slots that support up to 64GB RAM and 3200MHz+ overclocking support, 4 SATA3 ports, one PCIe 3.0 x16 slot, and one PCIe 2.0 x1, and one PCIe 2.0 x16 slot, 2 M.2 ports, and four USB 3.1 Gen 1, one USB 3.1 Gen1 Type C, two USB 2.0 and integrated LAN.

With all the packed features, it’s easy to say that this is the Best Micro Atx Motherboard for Ryzen 7 2700x. RGB Enthusiasts will be pleased with the RGB header for the RGB strip as it compensates for the missing RGB lighting option.

Only 2 M.2 drives are enough for storage leaving, some extra room in this micro factor build. This motherboard will be a top pick for those who want performance with aesthetics at a very affordable price.

Pros and Cons

  • Decent Overclocking.
  • Aesthetics are easily coordinated.
  • Many slots are available, considering its small size.
  • RAM Overclocking is limited.
  • Rear I/O is disappointing.


The ROG Strix X470-I an ASUS engineered Mini-ITX factor motherboard designed to support a processor as robust as Ryzen 7 2700x. Asus has been a leader with these agile 17x 17 cm motherboards that suit any standard PC build.

Let not the Mini-size of ROG Strix X470-I deceive you, as the motherboard comes with value-worthy gaming features. The high-end motherboard highlights are; Two fast M.2 SSD slots, PCIe x16 slot, Internet LAN connectivity, 3x sound jacks, USB 3.1, USB 3.0, Realtek 802.11ac Wi-Fi, and a Bluetooth connection.

The looks of this motherboard are to kill for as the mobo finds a well-balance between unilluminated aesthetics and RGB lighting for a multifaceted portfolio. The 5-way-optimization with Auto-Tunning and Fan Xpert 4 technology assists in excellent cooling and the highest OC performance.

ROG has ensured streamlined installation with the help of a Pre-mounted I/O shield. The board underlines 2x DIMM slots, which can support 32GB of RAM with maximum overclocking rates of 3200MHz.

Lastly, this motherboard has 4x SATA 6Gbps cache ports to maximize storage and SupremeFX S1200A to deliver an excellent sound experience. This small motherboard seems sexy and gives a top-notch performance at a fair enough price. We will recommend this motherboard to users who want to build a sexy yet high-performance Mini-ITX build.  

Pros and Cons

  • High-quality sound.
  • Many options for connectivity.
  • Sufficient overclocking.
  • Untidy layout due to its small size.

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Final Words About Ryzen 7 2700x Motherboards

We all know the importance of motherboards in system performance, so selecting the correct motherboard for your build is a crucial task. There are some key factors to consider before buying a motherboard, overclocking potential, cooling ability, Processor socket, voltage regulation, Wi-Fi, memory capability, and many others.

If you are looking out for a motherboard for smaller pc chassis which is budget-friendly, then we would recommend going for ASRock B350M Pro4, ASUS ROG STRIX X470-I GAMING motherboards. These boards not only offer good overclocking capabilities but multiple other high-end features with appealing aesthetics.

These motherboards will ideally consolidate up with your Ryzen 7 2700X CPU. The premium board with an elite chipset is ROG Crosshair VI Extreme. We strongly recommend this motherboard because it has the excellent quality, with more OC potential and top-notch features, any professional will fall in love. No doubt, it is one of the best motherboards for the Ryzen 7 2700X.

If you want something more alike then GIGABYTE B450 is a great option we’d recommend, as it also comes fully loaded with various top features desired by many users.