Best Gaming Mouse 2023

Do you think that it would be worth using a $5 mouse coupled to a $2,000 gaming computer? It doesn’t make any sense to do that.

The best gaming mouse is a key to unlocking the full potential and hidden features of your gaming PCs. You are just sitting, having all the power of your PC in your hands, and making sure that not even a little bit of it is wasted. Your best gaming laptops are worthy of the best gaming mouse for a miraculous gaming experience.

It’s not like that gaming mouse is more appealing or visual than that traditional office mouse, but they contain more accurate and responsive sensors, along with courteously placed buttons on the areas, which is best for the gaming purpose.

If you are a gaming lover, then your delicate hands deserve the best gaming mouse to take a robust control over your gaming PC.

It would be much better to use the specially designed gaming mouse to have a marvelous gaming experience because it offers you a shift between various DPIs and many extra programmable buttons. Now how would you know which gaming mouse is best for you?

How to buy the best gaming mouse?

While you are buying an appropriate gaming mouse for your PC, make sure that you consider all of the following factors.

  • Gaming Genres: While buying the best gaming mouse, first make sure that for what gaming genre are you looking for? There are three genres of gaming, including Real-Time Strategy, Massively Multiplayer Online, and First Person Shooter. If you are interested in all of these genres, go for the mouse suitable for all of them.
  • Mouse Grip: Aggressive grip posture cause attacking lists in the PC gaming. Gamers usually use three types of gripped mice, including palm grip, claw grip, and fingertip grip. In palm grip mouse, your entire hand is on the mouse, claw grip is the same as the palm grip with some twists, and the fingertip grip makes use of your two fingers and thumb.
  • SensitivityAn essential factor you have to consider while buying the best gaming mouse. The sensitivity of the mouse is measured in DPI or CPI. It ranges from hundreds to thousands. For the faster mouse move on the screen, the DPI should be higher.
  • Acceleration: Mouse acceleration is the ratio of the speed of the pointer to the speed of hand, measured in G-force, and 1 G equals 9.8mps. However, the low-sensitivity players need to come with acceleration when they require more movements of hands.
  • Weight: Not everyone cares about the weight of their gaming mouse. But yes! The weight matters. It determines the comfort and peace during your game-play. So, get yourself a lightweight and best gaming mouse for a brilliant, unforgettable gaming experience.

5 Best Gaming Mouse in 2023

Upon different researches, we decided to list 5 best Gaming mice depending on different features.

Steel Series Rival 700 – The Only Vibrating Mouse


Illumination2-RGB Zones, 16-million colors
CPI and IPS16,000CPI, 300IPS
Grip DesignFingertip, Palm, Claw
Sensor TypeLaser Sensor, Optical
Dimensions12.5cm x 6.9cm, 4.2cm
Game SenseAvailable
Unique FeaturesTactile Alerts, OLED Display, Modular Components


The Steel Series Rival 700 is on the top of our list of the best gaming mouse because of its incredible gaming features, and the company itself had earned an excellent reputation among its e-sport gamers.

Exhibiting some unique features, which are typically not present in every mouse, this miraculous gaming mouse contains an OLED display; a display that can express settings, many GIFs made especially for this display, and a variety of other things.

The Rival 700 perfected with DPI optical sensors, mastered to RGB lighting, crafted with an appealing design, and ensuring the best gaming experience, must be the top priority of the gamers. It comes with optical PixArt 3360, along with negligible hardware acceleration propelling out a large DPI of 16,000, if you need it.

Not only the availability of an OLED display, in-game notifications, and numerous GIFs coming on the side of the mouse are the only reasons to go for this one, but with this mouse, you can a lot of tactile feedback to any of the seven buttons in many ways. The exceptional vibrations are highly accurate and won’t jitter your mouse position.

It is a well-tuned, customizable and the best mouse with the peak features of its field and perfectly designed to integrate almost everything from the latest gaming market. This mouse is perfect for all the gaming genres, so no matter you are playing FPS, RGP, or MMO, you will get the best out of it.

This mouse can be an ideal option for gaming lovers by exhibiting an appealing, the compact, and lightweight design. You will get Steel Series Rival 700 at the price of $80.

The only issue with Rival 700 that the design is not suitable for left-handed gamers, and you need to purchase its modules separately, so it must have come with an affordable price tag.

Pros and Cons

  • It contains natural industry-standard RGB lighting.
  • You can customize this mouse according to your needs.
  • Exhibiting programmable tactile alerts, it notifies players of game events.
  • It comes in an advanced inventive modular design.
  • It contains a superb optical sensor with healthy ergonomics.
  • It contains no left-handed options.
  • Although it’s valuable, modules are expensive.

Asus ROG Spatha – Best for MMO Gaming Genre


Illumination3-zone RGB lighting
DPI8200 DPI Laser Sensor
Buttons12 Programmable Buttons
Connectivity TechnologyWired/Wireless
WirelessRF 2.4GHz
Weight178.5g without cable
Dimensions7.2” x 4.5” x 6.5”
ColorTitanium Black


One of the biggest mice, Asus ROG Spatha, is specifically designed for the people with large hands, as it demands an enormous amount of real estate on the table, and small-handed people can find some better options than this one. The ultra-grip of this hefty 180g mouse will not let you worry about dropping anything.

This is a palm-gripped mouse with astounding angular styling looking much like a sort of spaceship. Exhibiting six programmable thumb buttons organized to look like iconic ROG eye, you can give tactile feedback, and have automatic control.You can customize the full range of LED lights on side buttons, ROG logo, and a scroll wheel, creating mesmerizing rays of lights creating a 3D gaming environment.

Moreover, you get a perfect chance to choose between wireless and wired mice in this model. The Spatha wireless connection is highly efficient and accurately tracks all the movements, and its behemoth is precise and accurate. Even if it is running low on charging, you can continue your game by keeping it on a charge.

If you are looking for easy up-gradation, then this ROG Spatha structures a high-class easy-swap design. You can detach the four bottom screws to have access to the sockets, releasing the cover. You would be completely ready to enter the battlefield by using this professional design mouse.

With an advanced RGB lighting system, six distinct lighting modes, right and left touch buttons, and powerful control on your gaming PC, Asus ROG Spatha will cost you $159.99.

Pros and Cons

  • This customizable mouse involves convenient use.
  • Exhibiting a reliable, compact, and attractive design, this mouse is most comfortable.
  • It is laden with hardware and software-wise features.
  • The spectacular RGB lighting is present across the board.
  • The mushy side buttons are much stiff to press.
  • It is not comfortable for users with small hands, as it is a bit heavy and massive.
  • This mouse is one of the high-cost mice available.

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Razer Ouroboros – Ambidextrous Gaming Mouse


Illumination Chroma Custom RGB Lighting
Connection Wired/Wireless
Buttons 9 Programmable Buttons
Sensor 5G Optical Sensor
DPI 16,000 DPI
Grid Type Palm/fingertip/claw
Laser Depth 2mm
Weight 115g
Dimensions 2.79” x 1.49” x 4.60”


Here comes the challenger of Asus ROG Spatha that has been everywhere for some time in the market. Here comes again the perfect combination of wired and wireless connections to choose between them.

The ambidextrous design of this mouse makes it an ideal choice for many users. Features like RGB lighting availability don’t exist in this mouse, and it is strictly preferable for enthusiasts.

It’s quite considered as an old mouse, but it can be seen that Razer may announce an advanced upgraded version along with Chroma lighting in it.

The unique design of this mouse will at first make you feel as if it is some sort of industrial device, with sharp angles, protruding buttons, and a bit gap between the palms. Flipping over the mouse will let you reveal a variety of options.

It is a highly customizable mouse; you can adjust the length according to your hand’s comfort by opening up screws, switch to the textured pads for the thumb, and activating or deactivating left and right trigger buttons.

However, there can be a little problem in dealing with this mouse, as the side buttons may activate accidentally interrupting your gaming. Still, this quality mouse contains the specifications which distinguish it and make it the best gaming mouse. 

Razer Ouroboros comes installed with the company’s Synapse Software providing access to the program profiles to their users to upload them on the cloud to gain access from any PC. Including the tons of brilliant settings, Ouroboros exhibits 12 programmable buttons out of a total of 13.

Their users can enjoy their gaming experience by setting up individual profiles linking to their particular games. With access to numerous features, the unique classy design, and the perfect gaming experience without any interruption, this mouse costs $46.72.

Pros and Cons

  • It can be used as wired and wireless mouse; using it with wire will charge the mouse.
  • It ensures a long battery life without causing an interruption in the game.
  • It provides you a pleasurable software experience with Razor Synapse 2.0.
  • You will get the highest accuracy in the powerful gaming sessions with its dual sensors.
  • Starting from buttons to palm, this mouse is highly customizable.
  • This mouse is a little delicate with unsettled buttons.
  • There’s a chance of accidentally triggering the side buttons.
  • It’s a little costly for just a gaming mouse.

Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum – The Perfect Wireless Mouse


Illumination Spectrum Lighting
Connectivity Wired/Wireless
DPI 200 to 12,000 DPI
Sensor PMW3366 Optical Gaming Sensor
Buttons 11 Programmable Buttons
Battery 30 Hours Battery Life
Acceleration 40G Acceleration
Dimensions 12” x 2.64” x 1.57”
Weight 107g


In the few past years, Logitech G900 has dominated the desk with its brilliance, pointy and glowing looks, proving itself to be a perfect appealing desk device. The unique construction will first make you feel empty inside, as it’s incredibly light in weight, making it ideal for its users.

This lightweight strategy of this gaming mouse is so amazing that even the scrolling wheel exhibits a hollow interior.

Hard pointed edges, a curved body, palm, and claw grip make it perfect as an ambidextrous mouse and suitable for both left and right-handed people. Whether it comes to the software, an impressive DPI, or the spectrum lighting, Logitech has performed well.

Spectrum lighting is the own RGB lighting version of Logitech for its users.

You simply get the legendary software suite and an empowered feeling while controlling your gaming PC with this reliable mouse. Logitech G900 also offers a choice between wired and wireless connections with an ultra-fast 1-millisecond report rate, unbelievably providing a higher level of responsiveness for competing for your precise targeting.

An important thing about this mouse is its long battery life of up to 32hours for a marvelous continuous gaming experience. When your mouse is low on battery, it will seamlessly switch it to the wired mode without any worries about losing your power in a game.

And what will you get when you open the mouse? The box contains one G900 gaming mouse, Data Cable, Side Button Covers, Adapter Case, Button Caps, and a Manual.

A highly customizable mouse, with pro-grade wireless performance, advanced gaming sensor, a classy fit design, along with mechanical pivot button will cost you $88.4

Pros and Cons

  • It contains Spectrum RGB Lighting.
  • This customizable mouse contains all the programmable buttons.
  • It is perfect for every grip style with an ambidextrous design.
  • The sensor provides high performance.
  • It can be a bit expensive for budget-oriented users.
  • The design may not be easy for everyone to use.

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Corsair M65 Pro RGB – The Best FPS Gaming Mouse


Illumination RGB Lighting
DPI High Definition 12,000DPI
Sensors PMW3360 High Accuracy Optical Sensor
Buttons 8 Programmable Buttons
Body Black Aluminum
Battery Lithium-Ion Battery
Dimensions 64” x 2.8” x 1.5”
Weight 136g


A remarkable best gaming mouse, Corsair M65 Pro, is specially designed for first-person shooters. A perfect amalgam of the solid aluminum case and extremely responsive sensor along with a single Sniper button for lowering DPI; you will get in this mouse.

Ensuring a sturdy aluminum case coated with some softer material, this mouse will make comfy your fingers.

The bold upper surface of this mouse express RGB backlit Corsair logo, scrolling wheel, click buttons, and two buttons for DPI adjusting, with a light showing current DPI status. Moreover, this mouse exhibits braided cable, which is sadly non-removable, along with three removable weights on the bottom to adjust the balance.

Perfectly suitable for all resolution monitors, this mouse can reach the highest of 12K DPI, ensuring software customizability too. Along with 3-zoned RGB lighting, this gaming mouse can be an ideal core for the gaming desk.

The bright and vivid colored Corsair logo is embellished with blistering streaks of colors, adding much to your gaming environment.

Moreover, you can also go for static lighting, or choose any Corsair’s animated effect to synchronize correctly to the RGB peripherals. The raised shape, the pointed edges, and the lightweight of this mouse fit prettily right in everyone’s hands.

The unique sniper button of this mouse is highly practical, while you are lost in your gaming environment when precision is necessarily required. Even though Corsair M65 Pro comes in the category of the best and lightest gaming mouse, but it’s highly useful in editing the timeline of videos.

This mouse comes at $101.31, giving you access to many features and an excellent gaming experience.

Pros and Cons

  • It offers a perfect combination of affordable price and high performance.
  • It contains a welcomed addition of a weight adjusting system.
  • It contains a useful sniper button and excellent CUE Software.
  • The quality is just excellent.
  • The cable is non-removable.
  • The design may not be appealing to everyone.
  • This mouse is not an ideal option for flick shots.


Gaming mouse contributes a lot in adding up in your convenience, providing programmable buttons, high DPI, and customizable macros.

Today, with the advancing technology, the market is full of a variety of gaming mouse collections, and it is quite challenging for one to choose the best gaming mouse out of many. Latest tech reviews is a totally unbiased company that provides totally fact-based reviews that surely help people to get the best option.

These are the top-rated five, highly efficient, quality mice in the market today, which will provide you incredibly fantastic gaming experience. So, hurry up! And don’t miss out on a chance to improve your gaming. Also, you can see our other guides if you are eager to know about other trending products like best wireless router